The Beginning

Hello and welcome!

I doubt anybody will read this first post. No matter what happens after this post, people will most likely read the most recent piece, and this surely won’t be that for long. Regardless there must be a first post and it might as well be an introduction, so here I go. And hey, guess what? If you’re still reading this, you get a free train!

[Writer’s note: No, you don’t really get a train. I’m just checking to see who is paying attention.]

I want this little slice of internet to be a place where I can write about the subjects closest to my heart, specifically video games, literature, and music. My aim is to dig a little deeper than the usual “huh, ain’t that swell” journal-style blogs out there, looking closely at the topics at hand. Example: I’m thinking of starting off with a short piece about how ultra-violent AAA games are pushing me deep into indie territory–and I’m happy to be there. I know I’m far from the only person that feels this way so I think this is a great topic to use as a kind of narrative drive for the blog going forward. I’m already working on the piece in question but I won’t post until is 100% complete, error-free, all that jazz, so look for it sometime later this week.

Until next we meet, try not to let the dark side of our world drag you down into the shadows. Push the crap put in your way aside, smile, and walk on happy and eager to see what’s around the corner!


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