Concerning Research and Tone

I am not a professional writer. Although I do hold a professional writing degree from WVSU, and have shared my writing online for many years, I have never been employed as a writer. That does not mean I treat writing as a hobby; I do not. I love and respect the written word too much to be so flippant. Thus I will never write a post about any subject without using facts and informed speculation. I will never make shit up for anyone’s amusement. I will not however bother with sources unless I feel they are warranted.

Having said that, I should also state that I am, first and foremost, a goofball. I like to make people laugh. Don’t expect this blog to be dry or mirthless. I don’t enjoy writing without a grin on my face, and writing the kind of boring, heartless tripe published by many websites today ain’t my idea of fun, so expect a lot of silly shite here. Again, I must say that does not mean I won’t treat any subject with sincere respect, but don’t expect me to write about speeding hedgehogs and fireball-hurling plumbers without a little frivolity.

Furthermore, don’t expect impersonal “one such as” or “should one choose” or whatever the hell people write to avoid saying “you” instead. “One”–whoever the hell that is–isn’t reading this piece, but you are. I don’t need to know you to speak to you directly, as if it is just you and me here. As far as the writer-reader exchange goes it is just the two of us. Just don’t expect back rubs. I don’t know you that well, dear reader.